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What can GIS do for you?

Municipalities use GIS to:

  • Review proposed land subdivision or re-development
Using GIS to review proposed development.
  • Evaluate proposed land use changes for conformance with zoning ordinances

Using GIS to overlay zoning layer over parcels to insure zoning conformance.

  • Create and maintain a water delivery, sewage disposal, and storm drain infrastructure
Using GIS to manage water delivery, sewage disposal, and storm drain Infrastructure.
  • Maintain roads (re-paving, snow removal, catch basin cleaning, potholes, etc.)
Using GIS to assess pavement condition.
  • Uphold public safety (street signage, traffic lights, road striping, etc.)
Using GIS to assess street sign condition.
  • Grant or deny permits and licenses for everything from dogs to liquor sales to septic systems
  • Inspect properties for compliance with land development ordinances as well as those for public health and safety
  • Supervise elections
Use GIS to manage voter precincts and district boundaries.
  • Provide police and fire services
  • Provide recreational opportunities and services
  • Maintain land and buildings
Use GIS to manage municipality owned assets.

What Lique GIS can do for you.

  • Help make an initial assessment of need and development of project phases
  • Create a database schema to insure all needs (present and future) are met
  • Map all assets by converting current hardcopy maps, digital copies (pdf or images), or CAD drawings and placing them as layers in a full GIS web based system including background data
  • Field verify all assets and assess condition using your criteria
  • Create a symbolization of the data to facilitate the management of the assets
  • Set up custom web based interface with the secure storage of your data (no need to purchase any additional equipment or hire any additional personnel)
  • Provide maintenance and/or train staff to update data in house
  • Set up field data gathering equipment, software, methodology, and training of staff
  • Set up geoprocess to automate maintenance tracking of assets and analyze trends
  • Set up the entire GIS database in stages to manage costs

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