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What can GIS do for you?

Land Developers, Engineers, Surveyors, and Brokers use GIS to:

  • Research potential land to develop
  • Assess existing conditions
  • Create maps to facilitate design and acquire permits
  • Plan and manage developments, from single lot subdivisions to multi-use developments
  • Keep track of costs
  • Foresee future trends in development
  • Create a portfolio of projects

What Lique GIS can do for you.

Lique Geo Info Systems offers a secure, customizable intelligent map system named PrestiGIS.


This web based decision support system is compiled with multiple datasets from the major Texas metropolitan areas organized into sectors providing a range of benefits to research and development of land in terms of time savings and overall cost savings. Using a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.) and a standard internet connection, the user will be able to gather an overall assessment for a site in question using a multitude of datasets, including the current ownership, the appraised value, surrounding utilities (if available), current zoning (if available), existing topography, FEMA flood designations, critical habitat (if available), Karst Zones (if available), existing soil conditions, TxDOT traffic counts, as well as other relevant data.  It is easy to use and navigate, with a built-in legend allowing the user to turn on and off layers which display the symbology making it easy to view multiple datasets.  These datasets can be viewed, identified, queried, and exported (as an exhibit in pdf format or extracted into a CAD based software) using a customized set of tools built into the site.


PrestiGIS is available in two distinct versions, the Standard version and the Premium version.  The standard version has all layers available with base level tools and a standard web interface.  The Premium site adds User Input layers, more advanced tools (such as Premium Print with Titleblock, Premium Data Extract, Create Profile, Edit User Layer, and Street View), a custom web interface with logos and company name, and an optional mobile application.  


The user has the ability to use the following tools such as Bookmark (to save a view), Draw Graphics (giving the user the ability to draw graphics and text and save to local computer for future reference), Measure (giving the user the ability to measure distances and areas on the screen), Simple Print Screen, Premium Print with Titleblock (giving the user the ability to create exhibits to a specified scale with a legend and titleblock), Query Parcels (giving the user the ability to search county parcels by first name, last name, property acreage, and/or improvement amount), Select Parcel (giving the user the ability to create a selection of parcels and adding this selection as a layer in the map), Add Local Data (giving the user the ability to import a set of points from a spreadsheet, a shapefile, an ArcGIS Server Web Service, or a KML file to the site), Premium Data Extract (to CAD format), and Premium User Input Edit.


Lique Geo Info Systems stores and maintains multiple county datasets ranging from Appraisal District Parcels, City and County Limits, Critical Habitat, Karst Zones, Zoning, Soils, FEMA, Topography and selected utility datasets to full State of Texas datasets.  The State of Texas datasets that are offered are School Districts, Zip Codes, US Fish and Wildlife Wetlands and Endangered Species locations, Original Texas Land Surveys, Extra Territorial Jurisdictions, and TxDOT Annual Traffic Counts, just to name a few. All datasets are arranged in a Layer List Window as layers (Bexar County alone has over 90 layers available).  The user has the ability to view the information of each individual feature in a dataset with a click of a button in the form of a popup window.

Exhibit Creation

PrestiGIS Premium version has the built-in ability to create submittal quality exhibits right from the web interface.  By selecting a site and using the Print with Titleblock widget, a set of exhibits can be made simply by selecting the paper size, turning on or off the appropriate layers, and typing the subject of the exhibit in the widget interface.

Pricing and Fees

The pricing structure is based on a one (1) year subscription paid in one lump sum or in monthly payments.  For this subscription, there are three variables, web site type (standard or Premium), the number of sectors desired (Bexar County, Travis County, Harris County, Dallas County, and Webb County), and the number of different level users (editor vs viewer).  A one-time initial set-up fee is required for either type of web site.  The individual counties that make up each sector are:

Bexar County Sector – Atascosa, Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina, and Wilson

Travis County Sector – Bastrop, Blanco, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson

Harris County Sector – Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, and Montgomery

Dallas County Sector – Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Kaufman, Rockwall, and Tarrant

Webb County Sector – Duval, Jim Wells, La Salle, Nueces, and Webb

GIS Mobile Web Service Application

A custom GIS Mobile Application is offered for the Premium level site.  Geo Intelligent Systems will create and maintain a custom mobile application for the Client’s use giving the ability to view the same data layers as the web-based site; collect point, line and polygon data as well as adding attachments, such as photos and video; and viewing superimposed client data such as georeferenced drawings and point features from a csv or kml file.  This mobile application is created for the iOS and Android operating systems.  

Client Data

Each Premium level site includes 500 MB of storage space for the user input layers for the duration of the 1-year contract.  Client’s own datasets can also be stored on the site using the same 500 MB of space.  If additional space is needed, space can be purchased.

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